• A Question of Slow at Skylight Gallery

    From left to right works by: Taney Roniger, Jaanika Peerna

    In the wake of the noise and hubbub surrounding the annual art world pilgrimage to Art Basel Miami comes an exhibition with the expressed intention of inspiring visitors to slow down. 

    A Question of Slow features work by six emerging and mid-career artists, each of whom actively promotes slow art-making processes or slow, contemplative viewing practices. An outgrowth of the various “slow” movements of the past few decades – slow food, slow money – the slow art movement encourages a new understanding of the relationship between time and aesthetics.

    From left to right: Yadir Quintana, Rob Swainston

    The exhibition is divided between two rooms at Chelsea’s Skylight Gallery, an intimate, almost domestic space well suited to a project with this aim. Emerging artists Dan Durso and Sean Boggs both engage in a dialogue between organic form and human-made geometric technology. Durso’s 110-minute video is juxtaposed with Boggs’ slow-moving, kinetic sculpture.

    artists Sean Boggs and Dan Durso with Boggs’s piece, “Staple Showers”

    Continuing the engagement of contemporary art with technology, Taney Roniger’s repetitivepatterning is part of an ongoing project based on computer-generated forms known as cellular automata. The resulting works are a perfect complement to Jaanika Peerna’s wall-length drawings. Peerna, an Estonian native, has also curated shows centered around the themes of stillness and silence, most recently at the Masters and Pelavin Gallery in New York.

    Yadir Quintana creates “portraits” over an extended period of time by placing panels of silver leaf within the living space of his “sitters.”  The end result is a work that carries the marks and impressions of a real person in time and space. Rob Swainston, a print artist, describes his work as “fast and slow”: “The fast is the spontaneous, the urgent, and the feverish energy; the slow is calculated, meticulous and planned.” The resulting works are unique and complex.

    A Question of Slow is curated by StandPipe Projects director Alison Pierz. An opening reception will be held on Thursday, December 13, from 6-9PM. The show runs through January 11, 2013.


    Please visit the gallery website for opening times and further details.





    Press release and photographs courtesy of the gallery and the artists. If you would like to submit your photo story or article, please email INFO@ARTEFUSE.COM.

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