Galerie Richard: Back from the Ravages of Sandy

The ART and its Viewer Gets More Interesting at Galerie Richard
Back to Business at Galerie Richard
Jean Luc Richard Proudly Re-Opens the Gallery

As proof positive that ART is back indeed at Chelsea’s gallery row that AF came to the re-opening of Galerie Richard. It was one of the galleries that sustained massive water damages and such during Super Storm Sandy. Jean-Luc Richard, the proprietor, was present and related to us the details of the damages which were quite devastating. The newly cleaned up and renovated gallery was sheer determination to push on forward as a declarative triumph over nature. Their current exhibition (till November 24th“Painting Toward Three Dimensions”features the works of Bram Bogart, Ron Gorchov, and Takesada Matsutani. Let the pictures by AF photographer Deukyun Hwang narrate a new resolve and its ever enduring spirit of renewal that art embodies. It feels good to be back!

Art is Back on the Walls of Galerie Richard
The ART Set Comes Out To Support the Chelsea Galleries Post Sandy
ART is Back in Chelsea For Sure
With Newly Replaced Walls and Cleaned Up that this Gallery is Back

text by: Oscar A. Laluyan

photos by: Deukyun Hwang

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The press release and the photographs are courtesy of the gallery and the artists.

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