• A Walk on the Wild Side – Wildlife Paintings in Modern Styles

    A Walk on the Wild Side – Wildlife Paintings in Modern Styles

    Wildlife paintings do not have to be representational. Some of the most exciting new painting of the wildlife takes its form more from Picasso than the pictorially representative, brightly coloured Cubist cows, for instance, or images of beasts of prey where the form of motion and power is more important than a realistic depiction of a lion’s head.

    It can be interesting to look at the kinds of scenes and creatures depicted in wildlife paintings, particularly where you’re trying to find an image that suits a specific room, personality or occasion. For instance, anyone who loves a specific kind of animal, normally which are cats, horses, elephants or dogs, tends to love paintings of that sort of animal. Buying wildlife paintings of this type is a great way of giving a unique gift, though of course it must be remembered that not everyone likes the same style of painting. You have to remember a Cubist cat isn’t every cat lover’s idea of a great present.

    A Walk on the Wild Side – Wildlife Paintings in Modern Styles

    One outstanding way to create a really original present for a wildlife lover is to have a specially made painting done for them. You can commission bespoke original artwork in a number of ways, including sending a photograph to work. Where someone has a special pet, this can be a particularly nice way to arrange a special gift for them.

    You can also commission according to style, or colour, or size or type of animal. Simply identify the artist who you would like to do the work, and send your detailed commission notes to him or to her. The more detailed the notes, the more accurately your chosen artist will reflect what you want. The looser your notes, the more room there is for the artist to express himself or herself, in the style for which you have come to know his or her work.

    A Walk on the Wild Side – Wildlife Paintings in Modern Styles

    Animal paintings seem either to depict the extremely exotic (an African savannah, or a soaring eagle), or the absolutely domestic (cats, dogs and horses). In a way, there are two subgenres – one being portrait style depictions of animals without much in the way of surroundings, and the other being more of a landscaped painting, in which the animals form part of a whole scene.

    There’s something about landscaped wildlife paintings that makes them ideal items for decorating a room in a home. The vista, perhaps, seems more appealing to more people than simply focusing on an animal. This latter technique of animal portrait, really appeals only to people who like both the animal in question and the style of the painting. While the vista form of animal paintings can be enjoyed even by people for whom animal art is not their first choice.

    Sometimes, less realistic depictions of animals can be more accurate. In this way, they express the feeling one gets when encountering the beasts in the flesh. These are ideal for modern houses and properties, impressionistic or non-representational wildlife paintings can enhance mood through colour and form, becoming a part of the whole décor scheme of the place in question.




    Press release and photographs courtesy of the gallery and the artists. If you would like to submit your photo story or article, please email INFO@ARTEFUSE.COM.

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