• Ahl Stars 2012 at the Dean Project

    Exhibition dates: November 17 – December 15, 2012 Opening reception: Saturday November 17th – 6 to 8pm

    In collaboration with DEAN PROJECT the Ahl Foundation is pleased to present  “Ahl Stars 2012”, an exhibition of work by the winners of the Ninth Annual Visual Arts Competition. The jurors this year were Hyewon Yi, Director of the Amelie A. Wallace Gallery at Suny, Old Westbury, Thomas Arnold, Director of the Mary Boone Gallery and Joel Carreiro, Director of the MFA Program at Hunter College, CUNY.

    The jurors selected four artists from a strong field working in a wide range of materials and practices. At a time when Korean and Korean-American artists are impacting visual culture in a particularly compelling way it is exciting to participate in the Foundation`s ongoing efforts to locate and expose new talent. This is a key moment for Korean artists as they assume leadership roles in the arts across a broad spectrum as never before in contemporary history. The work of this year`s winners is informed by an awareness of global arts practices and is characterized by philosophical inquiry, issues of identity and history, extreme material investigation and transformation and a challenging, humorous take on reality and representation. The work of each artist is individual, highly identified and fully realized.

    Hong Seon Jang coaxes extreme transformation from an idiosyncratic array of obdurate materials that would at first glance appear to offer little potential; creating visceral works that take on lives of their own. Jang`s is a world where common everyday materials escape their mundane functions, morphing and proliferating into new exotic roles. From the impermanent and ephemeral he elicits unique entities of unexpected beauty.

    Jung S. Kim`s series of large-scale photographic self-portraits reanimate characters from Korean fairy tales. Using Korean folk paintings as backgrounds as well as period-style dress, make-up and props, she inhabits a wildly diverse set of protagonists with versatility, empathy and pathos.

    Seung Jae Kim explores and challenges the nature of human perception through life-sized photographic installations of ordinary people doing everyday things. By manipulating the position and point of view of both subject and viewer, he creates illogical but compelling scenarios.  His work masquerades as playful visual trickery but also reminds us that what we see is not necessarily what is.

    In Grace Kim`s photographic and video works, she explores the human experience of existence with equal parts poetry and philosophical reflection.  Kim joins her interest in Eastern thought with her study of quantum physics to produce hypnotic landscapes of stillness, slowly changing in response to a logic located beyond human understanding.

    Please join us at DEAN PROJECT gallery on Saturday November 17th from 6 – 8pm for the exhibition opening reception with artists.

    For further information please contact DEAN PROJECT at 212.229.2017 or info@deanproject.com




    Press release and photographs courtesy of the gallery and the artists. If you would like to submit your photo story or article, please email INFO@ARTEFUSE.COM.

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