• The Vanilla Party: Le Freak C’est Chic

    The Vanilla Party Cast of Characters

    Some fetishes flourish in the dark. Some are exhibited in broad daylight, well, strobe light is more like it. Over the summer, a very exclusive underground party got down and dirty where the chic can get their freak on. The Vanilla Party (TVP) was held in a mid-town penthouse venue where it drew the likes of performance artists and fetish lovers alike plus the voyeurs who enjoy it.

    Karla of The Vanilla Party

    Due to its resounding success and heating up the alternative scene of the city that never sleeps, TVP is back this fall with a private location at West 25thStreet in NYC. It is livin’ the flavah part deux on November 16 and this high end Fetish/Fashion soiree is back with a vengeance.

    Porphyria of The Vanilla Party

    “The Vanilla Party is a unique, creative and seductive place,” said TVP co-founder Mario Barnes, “Where people can go for entertainment and express themselves, their fetishes and be themselves.”

    Manhattan is the place that welcomes all kinds of things that go bump in the night and where else in the world can anyone with a fetish languish luxuriously but in the vibrant tapestry that the city weaves with its unique smorgasbord of denizens? It’s just not another PVC leather get up and gimp on a leash deal here. There are serious talent and entertainment culled for each of these parties.

    Rogi of The Vanilla Party

    “I strive to gather the best talent I can find in New York City to compliment the stunning artistic quality that Defenz Mechanizm exhibits”, says creator Sax DMA.

    Sax and Underjoyed of The Vanilla Party

    The Vanilla Party (TVP) was founded by

    . TVP was developed as a modern and colorful alternative to the NYC fetish scene, intended to deliver something outside of the dark industrial gatherings. The November edition of this soiree will be the “Geisha” theme as chosen by performance artist, Defenz Mechanizm. “She calls the shots. I make sure they hit their target. Then I fill in the blanks.” explains Sax. “In addition to her main performance with two other dancers – this next event, we will be accompanied by four strolling models, a Shibari rope artist, a stunning burlesque performance by TVP model Rogizoid, a dark magic show by Defacto Obsolete, Sushi display on live models and art work by Kanae Kazuno.”

    Defenz Mechanizm of The Vanilla Party

    Sounds exotic and indeed something freaky but delightful in the subculture scene. It will be a guaranteed scream of delight if you should dare dip into a little Vanilla flavah. Are you ready to get your freak on? Let that freak flag fly high and proud! 

    The Vanilla Party (November 16, 2012 / 9 pm – 2 am)

    151 West 25th Street #13, 7th Floor. NYC, NY 10011

    For more information check out: www.thevanillaparty.com 

    article by: Oscar Laluyan 

    Photos provided by: DMA Productions NYC, LLC




    Press release and photographs courtesy of the gallery and the artists. If you would like to submit your photo story or article, please email INFO@ARTEFUSE.COM.


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