• Provenance of An Artwork from New York to Spain

    Juan Gabarron (far right) with some guests at the opening photo by Samantha Heydt
    The crowd at the 38th Street Carriage House for the opening photo by Samantha Heydt

    How does a painting go from the personal archives of an artist to being part of a collection being shown in two different countries? Today’s provenance of an artwork takes on an interesting journey. Let’s look at the work Balance by Jamie Martinez.

    Balance (2011) by Jamie Martinez

    Origins: Balance was created by Martinez for a late September 2011 show at Orchard Windows Gallery, “I’m having trouble cutting this ballerina”. It was part of the eight piece collection initially shown. After the show, Martinez set the works aside and used selected images as the calling card for his street art. The innovative exposure led to private sales but he kept his paintings for this series on private reserve (one of the few remaining was Balance). The artist has moved on to other projects but kept the Ballerinas poised for another grand entrance.

    More friends with Martinez at the opening reception
    Artist & Photographer Samantha Heydt (L) & friend at the opening

    Turning Point: Fast forward to August 2012 when Gabarron Foundation in honor of its 10th Anniversary puts out an open call for artwork submission to be considered for their “Two Hemispheres” show. Martinez comes across the said item at New York Foundation for the Arts. He pulls out Balance from his archives and submits it to the juried selection process. Out of 300 artworks entered, the piece was featured on Facebook where it ends up winning the Social Media choice then seals its fate as being included in the exhibition.Balance is well on its way for its fantastic journey. It becomes one of the twenty-six artworks included in the show by Gabarron Foundation.

    Guests at the opening of “Two Hemispheres”

    Repeat Performance: September 14, 2012 – The stellar opening reception at The Gabarron Foundation Carriage House Center for the Arts on 38th Street featuredBalance at the second floor of their magnificent space. It has become part of their Contemporary Art Collection and will enjoy an extensive viewing in New York City before traveling to the foundation’s venue in Spain later in the fall. It is part of their mission to have emerging American artists develop a cultural dialogue with their fellow Spanish artists. Martinez is over the moon and ecstatic that one of his Ballerinas made the cut after all.

    (L-R) Francis Legge, Jamie Martinez & Tracy Von Becker – Legge

    From a premiere in a Lower East Side Gallery to an item on reserve then used for street art imagery to being submitted for an open call then winning the Social Media contest on Facebook to being part of a prestigious art foundation collection that will travel from New York, USA to Spain – this ballerina has got some legs on her and it’s quite a journey indeed with a colorful provenance.

    (L-R) Juan Gabarron and Artist & Photographer Samantha Heydt with friends at the opening

    To see Balance by Jamie Martinez and other artworks from the “Two Hemispheres” exhibition that runs till November 29, 2012, visit:

    The Gabarron Foundation Carriage House Center for the Arts

    149 East 38th Street. New York, NY 10016

    T: 212 573 6968infogf@gabarron.org

    article by: Oscar Laluyan 

    select photos courtesy of: Jamie Martinez & Samantha Heydt



    Press release and photographs courtesy of the gallery and the artists. If you would like to submit your photo story or article, please email INFO@ARTEFUSE.COM.

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