Chelsea Fall 2012 Season – September 6, 2012 (PART Deux)

Fahamu Pecou, artist
Everything is cool at Lyons Wier Gallery
(L – R) Fahamu Pecou and Michael Lyons Wier
(L-R) Deanne Shashoua, Derrick B. Harden. Michael Lyons Wier & Fahamu Pecou

The art life in Chelsea will always be fabulous! For the Fall 2012 Season, galleries did not shrink away from putting on a show. Two galleries of note for this picture layout: Mike Weiss presenting Marc Séguin and Lyons Wier Gallery featured hip-hop art glitterati Fahamu Pecou. Arte Fuse lens auteur, Max Noy, captured the spontaneous and energetic vibe of what happens on Thursday’s art night. Chelsea is always ready to get its ART on. Lights, camera, – we are so in the middle of the action!

text by: Oscar A. Laluyan

Photos by: Max Noy


A Marc Séguin piece at Mike Weiss Gallery
The Artist Marc Séguin stands next to his artwork
Close up of the artist, Marc Séguin
Art Lovers come to Mike Weiss Gallery
The Ladies in Black at the after party for Mike Weiss
A La Dolce Vita moment at the Mike Weiss after party
The Chelsea Art Crowd populates Thursday night




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