“Love and Paint” by Alex Esguerra

Sexual desire is sexual desire and its force, in an individual’s psychology, is independent of the ultimate Darwinian pressure that drove it. It is a strong urge which exists independently of its ultimate rationale. – Richard Dawkins

Orchard Windows Gallery and Gregory de la Haba proudly present Alex Esguerra’s first solo exhibition, with a selection of new works from his Universal Truth series. On various human-sized canvases, Esguerra explores questions of paint application, metaphysics, and tribalism.

Esguerra observed that historically, wherever paint and surface are present, so is the artist. In pursuit of a universal truth (that metaphysical common denominator that eluded the likes of Mondrian, Rothko and Newman) the artist still employed himself as mediator, persistently instilling his own subjective take on the existential circumstances surrounding him. How to achieve the universal gesture? How to move from a situation where paint, canvas, and the artist – the necessary vehicle – deliver the essence, to one where the artist emphatically rules himself out, a bona-fide surrender of the ego to greater powers, genuine essentialism, and a universal truth?

Esguerra offers up a mediator: the human body in coitus. To accentuate the universality of this act, and its manifestation of universality on the support through paint, Esguerra has chosen mediators of the same female sex, of varying tribes, abstracting from the merely instrumental motivations of the universal urge. Esguerra seeks to emblematize the universal in as distilled a form as possible; by ignoring the instrumental, reproductive “Darwinian pressure” underpinning the act, Esguerra focuses on our whole species’ universal truth and how this manifests itself. He eschews mundane questions of why the urge and with whom, in favor of a focus on the mystical sensations brought on by that urge: they are what they are and they are nothing else. For the human, sex is the ultimate unifier, the lowest common denominator, and its throes and gestures are emblematic of that fact. Esguerra has captured those gestures and their pertaining truth on a set of new canvases, exhibited this fall on the Lower East Side.

About Alex Esguerra 

Alexander Esguerra was born in the Central Coast of California and subsequently raised in New York. Hailing from a lineage of designers and fine artists, he possessed a gift for the arts since a young age. Esguerra’s artistic vision was honed in diverse environs. At 18-years-old he enlisted in the United States Air Force and served overseas in Germany. Upon his return, Esguerra enrolled in Parsons the New School for Design. He graduated with a degree in Fine Arts in 2007. Esguerra developed an eye for innovation through a dynamic career in graphic, fashion, illustration, interior, and product design. He is proud to have contributed his talents to the development of many of today’s global brands. In his most recent pursuit, Love & Paint, Esguerra has expanded his artistic endeavors to the realm of experiential art. Esguerra has exhibited his work in New York City at The Box (2012), Openhouse Gallery (2011), Gallery Bar (2010) and Andy Warhol’s former loft (2010) as well as in Los Angeles at Voyeur Nightclub (2011) and Jim Morrison’s former residence (2010).

 About Love & Paint

Regardless of race, gender, culture, or sexual identity, sex is the great equalizer – the common source of birth, pleasure and union. While each sexual encounter is truly distinctive, the experience itself is inherently universal. We are all equal when it comes to the act of love. These expressions of passion and adoration can only exist in one singular moment, never to be exactly replicated or fully relived. Love & Paint represents a cultural examination and celebration of the “Literal Expressionism” that exists within everyone. Bringing together numerous partners from New York and Los Angeles, the exhibit transforms their manifestation of affection, seduction, or pleasure into art – leaving a lasting mark that represents this moment of self-actualization. Love & Paint sets out to break down the taboo that is sex, by showing it for what it is – an act of beauty and love.

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