Chelsea Fall 2012 Season – September 6, 2012 (PART 1)

Stephen Powers, Artist
YOU are at the center of the Art World
Joshua Liner Gallery presents the works of Stephen Powers

Coinciding with Fashion Week and on the annual Fashion Night Out, Chelsea turned it up for its Fall 2012 Season openers with the galleries on the West Side of Manhattan scrubbing its white cube aesthetics to a brilliant 100 Watts that night. It is as fashionable and glamorous to see Art this time of the year. Check out the art loving personalities strike a pose and caught by photographer of the Art Glam – Max Noy. For the first installment, we got Churner & Churner / Bryce Wolkowitz / Hasted Kraeutler / Cristin Tierney / Joshua Liner. Getting tired yet? Wait, there’s more on the way for Part 2.

text by: Oscar A. Laluyan

Photos by: Max Noy

Installation View at Churner & Churner
(L-R) Rachel Churner with Artist, Joianne Bittle
(L-R) Rachel Churner with Artist, Joianne Bittle
Rachel Churner having a light moment besides Moonman V
Shea Hembry’s work with a smartly attired art goer at Bryce Wolkowitz
Open Catalog for Kwang Young Chun at Hasted Kraeutler
Jewelry Designer, Jessica Speckhard, brings on the BLING!
More Art Lovers gather to see Chun’s Sculpture
Best friends go see Art at Cristin Tierney
Joe Fig, artist, with his feature wall of cinematic paintings


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