“The Edge of Un-Pretty”

“The Edge of Un-Pretty”

OL Independent Art Services is pleased to present a group exhibition at Maxwell’s with artists from the tri-state area focusing on the unconventional ways of finding beauty for the show “The Edge of Un-Pretty”.

The legendary venue in Hoboken has been a huge supporter of the arts and champions emerging musical & visual artists. Inviting Oscar A. Laluyan to guest curate proves to be a great project as he is currently an art writer covering the New York art scene but initially planted Hoboken past experience as Vice President of Sales for Rotating Galleries (RG) which was a pop up art space that pioneered a new way of showcasing art to the community. The previous RG show of note at the venue was White & Blackstravaganza back in July 2010.

“The Edge of Un-Pretty” explores the idea of what the French termed as “Une-jolie-laide” which roughly translates into “ugly beautiful”. It refers to a woman not conventionally beautiful in the physical sense but there is an alluring quality that you cannot ignore. The works in the show will touch on the very idea of unconventional beauty in unexpected ways. It will be a mix of genres and media ranging from the representational to abstract. It promises to engage you into a revised definition of what you consider to be beautiful.

The artists included in the show are: Luis Alves, Colleen Blackard, Nikki Helvey, Andrea Kroenig, Andrea McKenna, Max Noy, Nena Tahil & Hans Wolf.


Opening Reception: September 24, 2012 – Monday, 7:00 pm

Show Viewing Dates: September 24 – October 19, 2012

Closing Date: October 19, 2012


1039 Washington Street. Hoboken, NJ 07030

(SE corner of Washington & 11th Street)

Oscar A. Laluyan is a Jersey City native and previously the Vice President of Sales for Rotating Galleries in Hoboken, NJ. He is a freelance writer and editor of premiere art blog ARTE F– USE and contributing art writer for other publications. He has curated for the Chelsea Art Museum, a group show at Prince George Gallery in the Flatiron District NYC and a solo exhibition at Pen & Brush, a Manhattan women’s art & literature organization whose past members include Eleanor Roosevelt. This is his first time as guest curator at Maxwell’s.




Arte Fuse is always looking for guest writers. Please submit your story to info@artefuse.com.

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