Performance Art: “here there nowhere”

Julia Wilkins presents a dance performance in a landscape of water, fabric, and light

The culmination of three years of development and many years of searching for her distinct voice, dancer and choreographer Julia Wilkins presents “here there nowhere” at the Salomon Arts Gallery, September 13-15, with live music, and an original score by Qasim Naqvi. Investigating the elements of mortality – birth, life, death, body, mind, spirit – the work is driven by imagery, in a landscape of water, fabric, and light.

After years of classical training, Wilkins began to discover her own voice as a performer and choreographer, with live music and improvisation as a catalyst.  Her choreography is greatly influenced by years of professional dance experience with Martha Clarke, who taught her how to dance without dancing, and Donald Byrd with whom she learned to develop character in dance.  In “here there nowhere,” Wilkins brings her experience to a solo dance performance which transports the audience to a unique world, lost in time, where they will connect with the essence of core human experience.

A theatrical statement elaborately composed of yards of scrim, a 20 foot pathway of water, and painterly light, “here there nowhere” is a triptych in which a character journeys from spirit contending with mortality, to mind experiencing life, and finally, to body at conception. Moving from death to birth, shedding limitation, anxiety, and inhibition, she attains full-expression.

Wilkins’ creative team includes composer Qasim Naqvi, who will be performing his original score with vocalist Areni Agbabian; set designer Victoria Valencia; costume designer Maria Garcia; designer and director Jacques Perdigues; lighting designers Jeff Sugg, Joe Cantalupo, and Rico Rosetti.

Performance Dates: September 13 -15, 8:00 pm

Preceded by: 7:30 pm wine reception

The Salomon Arts Gallery

83 Leonard Street, 4th Floor

New York City, NY




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