Avery McCarthy Eclipse

Annabel Vartanian and Orchard Windows Gallery are pleased to present Destination: Unknown, the first New York solo exhibition of work by artist Avery McCarthy, curated by Erin Goldberger and John Morrow, opening August 27th.

McCarthy will present three separate bodies of work, Light VoidThe Theory of Everything, and One Star, that together create an elevated, monochromatic conversation.

Avery McCarthy Atomic Bomb Explosion at the Microscopic Level

Light Void includes a large, vast canvas framed by LED lights, allowing itself to be both an optical trick and aesthetic object: a modern day vanity mirror of total blackness. What started out as simple visual research in the digital realm switched quickly to a more physical process in McCarthy’s series, The Theory of Everything. McCarthy works both in digital and darkroom environments in order to gain access to abstract and unphotographable concepts including the atomic bomb, a grain of sand, and a supernova. InOne Star, McCarthy takes a more realist approach by photographing the beauty and silence of light reflecting on bodies of water from across the globe.


McCarthy has previously exhibited his work in New York at Phillips de Pury, James Salomon Gallery and the Chelsea Arts Museum as well as in exhibitions in Milan, Miami and Philadelphia. He received his BFA from the School of Visual Arts in 2008.


Place: Orchard Windows Gallery 37 Orchard St. NYC
Opening: August 27th 6pm


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