“Binary Dreams” by Vincent Zambrano & Kaliptus

Dino Eli presents “Binary Dreams”, a multimedia and fine arts exhibition by VINCENT ZAMBRANO & KALIPTUS. The Contemporary arts exhibition will take place from September 5nd 2012, to September 19th at the Orchard Windows Gallery
in the lower east side of New York City. Opening reception is on the 5th from 6pm to 9pm. “Binary Dreams” brings forth a fusion of the technical brain and the intuitive in the form of new innovative arts that depict the vast and transpersonal experiences of dreams. With the advent of new technology emerging and novelty dropping new seeds constantly into the oceans of the mind, the abstractions of dreaming are constantly fractal ling out into an explosion of new diverse realities that become available for exploration when one abandons the senses to sleep and plunges inwards. Vincent Zambrano and Kaliptus are bringing back the raw dream elements and translating them out into the mundane world. The art works themselves vary in style and medium but work together like a perfect blend of opposite dualities. They create an overall effect of wholeness, diversity and surreal futurism. Vincent Zambrano and Kaliptus are both award winning artists from the east coast. This show is something not to be missed so be sure to attend if you are in the area.




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