• Rai Alexandra: The E-ZEN-tial Elements of Being an Artist

    Rai Alexandra, The Colorful Artist
    Seven Pillars by Rai Alexandra

    The first time I met this captivating creature was on a building elevator on 26th Street while on my way to an art after party last February. She was the earthly embodiment of something heavenly in the sky as she was struggling with art supplies while on her way to her rented studio. This was my first brush with an artist who is just effervescently happy and full of vibrant color personality wise, which not surprisingly is a feature in her artwork. Ever since then, Rai Alexandra has been a burst of sunshine as we’ve stayed in contact.

    Rai in the Sky as she likes to sign off her emails was born in Caracas, Venezuela. However, she has traveled and lived globally in different cities / countries (LA, Italy, Germany, Czech Republic, and India) where in a former profession she used to be a working model and actress before settling down here in New York City to devote her passions into the visual arts. Let’s center ourselves as she answers some questions as we get to know the core of this artist who owns up to being a decorative auteur & avowed “Colorist”.

    Arte Fuse: You’ve been in several countries before but now you’re here in New York City – what makes this the place to be for creating and showing art?

    Rai Alexandra: Surviving the arts takes stamina, no matter where one decides to create, show or live. I consciously chose New York City knowing that brilliance is all around. You are forced to raise the bar here or get the hell out of town.

    AF: Name a favorite Abstract Expressionist painter that is a huge influence on you and why?

    RA: The radiant, romantic, radical, Russian, Mark Rothko! Rothko demands an emotional investment from the viewer – more than any other modern painter in my view. He endlessly searched for truth.

    AF: Color is such a signature for you – would you ever do a monochromatic in pure white or dour black someday?

    RA: Absolutely. Even though a piece may be monochromatic, there are still endless opportunities for creating nuance.

    AF: Share a crazy anecdote during your days as a model and actress. You don’t have to name names if they’re famous. (Oh maybe! If you’re feeling feisty.)

    RA: The anecdote that I am thinking about does include some famous people, so I’ll just share the lesson learned: Never meet your heroes.

    The Color Filled Art of Rai Alexandra

    AF: What was the best advice or lesson your spiritual Russian grandmother ever gave you?

    RA: Let your faith be bigger than your fear.

    AF: The DNA series you are currently working on – are you literally putting a piece of yourself into your artwork?

    RA: It’s a trace of myself, yes. Imagine human residue instead of paint residue, but not one that would be considered a bio-hazard.

    The Neo-Colorist Stylings of Rai Alexandra

    AF: How important is it to have a great aura when creating art?

    RA: Everyone has an Aura.  It is our spiritual signature. Whether you create art, bake cupcakes or walk dogs, your Aura is on display and can be seen or felt by others.  Brighter Auras equate to clear intentions and a higher consciousness in the process of making art.

    AF: If you met the Dalai Lama, what would you ask?

    RA: What is one mistake you witness leaders making more frequently than others?

    AF: Your dream vacation if you can be away for a whole year – name the three countries that each represent: EAT, PRAY, and LOVE.

    RA: EAT – Morocco / PRAY – Tibet / LOVE – India

    AF: Please share some ZEN advice for anyone thinking of being a working visual artist.

    RA: Unless you can learn how to manage your fear, you will always be held back.

    To view more of her art, please visit the following online:

    Rai Alexandra’s personal artist site:


    Conceptual art series:


    Works for sale can be found on:


    Her work is featured bi-monthly in the “Emerging Artist” sales:


    As the leaves fall down from the trees, Rai Alexandra will be exhibiting in a group show at the new location of Chair and The Maiden (CATM). Stay tuned and keep your eyes fixed to the sky!


    written & interviewed by: Oscar A. Laluyan

    images courtesy of the artist, Rai Alexandra




    Press release and photographs courtesy of the gallery and the artists. If you would like to submit your photo story or article, please email INFO@ARTEFUSE.COM.

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