When Art Takes Over: POWERPLAY at Art Hamptons

Tri Color Diptych Gradient Wedge by Eric Cahan
When There Was Nothing Now There is Something by Jason Peters

When art attacks, it encompasses all territory with the intent of saturation. Last July 14th at Art Hamptons, POWERPLAY took over 13 acres and all the facilities of Hayground School in Bridgehampton, NY. There were 40 artists, 25 sculptures, and 15 installations covering the entire vicinity at various points.

POWERPLAY invites the viewers to question the value system of power and how it is interpreted within the American psyche. The exhibition confronts the dualities between natural and man-made energy, as well as being a part of a global community versus an ethnocentric one. The themes explored are alternative energy, science, space  exploration, food, holistic practices, technology, spirituality, sexuality, wealth, beauty, ritual, and human interaction. This is a sculpture experience curated by Molly Morgan Weiss and the City Firm Director, Laura O’Reilly (of The Hole NYC), who co-curated and produced the project. This event was also curated by Sasha Okshteyn & Pamela Willoughby.

Xithform by Matt Stone

Viewers were encouraged to choose their own experience as a milieu of activities and exhibitions were made available on the day. Some highlights included: Eric Cahan who showed a giant outdoor piece with an 11-foot gradient wedge. Matt Stone (who appears courtesy of The Hole NYC) known for his Xithform series repurposed construction fencing then blast it with color in a live outdoor demonstration using a fire extinguisher during the opening. Peter Sutherland had his piece installed in the main field. Jeanette Hayes took over the computer lab of the school. There were activities offered like Yoga, workshops at the Art Room, Reiki Qui Gong Energy Healing session, and a roundtable discussion on POWERPLAY. Performances included Velveteen & Guillermo conducting interactive performance piece with participants renting time slots to lay in the sun for 20 minutes, David Maddy performance piece reading from Andrew Carnegie’s Gospel of Wealth, Matt Stone / Go! Push Pops / Prayer Town performance piece, Main Field with Joy Tomasko twists dance / text / living sculpture into a performance piece that invite audience to get caught up in, and as the sun sets music / sound drums / fire dancers take over the main field. Other all day activities in the classrooms provided more alternatives in the day’s program like classes, workshops and indoor performances.

Inverts by Peter Sutherland

As much as the event gave a smorgasbord of things to explore, participate and choose from – it opened the whole dynamics of a personal and intimate experience. This unique event is sure to be the most revolutionary and customized method to drink in art and let it fill every pore of your skin. The take over is not at all hostile but rather hospitable to the ever complex preference of the individual.

feature article by: Oscar A. Laluyan

acknowledgement for artists’ images and event details c/o Laura O’Reilly




Press release and photographs courtesy of the gallery and the artists. If you would like to submit your photo story or article, please email INFO@ARTEFUSE.COM.

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