• Conception Events continues to unveil new talent to Tribeca

    Conception Team
    Artist, Colleen Blackard
    Artist, Ka-Son Reeves
    bunny X

    Conception came back stronger than ever with its 4th installment after a three month hiatus.  Each Conception event has stepped its game up to higher and higher levels.

    The dynamic trio of Rachel Wilkins and Mike Wolf, two artists that had shown together for years before starting Conception events, combined with the business and legal background of Jennifer Blum, has proven to be a good recipe for some exceptional art events.

    Artist, Rachel Wilkins
    Vlad Kenner & Brian Harte
    Artists, Colleen Blackard and Jess Hartley

    Artist, Zofia Bogusz
    Artist, Mike Wolf

    In April 2012, the Conception team put together a very successful National Breast Cancer Foundation charity event.  “We knew we had to keep the show fresh and not be afraid to try some new things,” said one of Conception’s co-curators and artists, Mike Wolf. During this particular show, the group rolled out its idea of “Unveilings” which involved six of its Conception artists. During the “Unveilings,” in which six pieces of art were covered in black linen, concealing them from the audience, one was forced to speculate what was going on underneath? This undoubtedly helped to set a mood and give the atmosphere a certain mystique.

    About halfway through the show, a robust voice cut through the din in the room and announced that the Conception Unveilings were about to start.  At this point, art-goers were introduced to one of Conception’s more gregarious hosts. The boisterous Dave Powell did a fantastic job of captivating the crowd, touting all of the accomplishments and tidbits about each artist as their new works were unveiled one by one in front of a very receptive audience. The energy in the room was fantastic!

    Conception Host, David Powell
    Artist, Eddie Rehm
    Ecentrik Artistry

    This new event feature, coupled with a well-organized and welcoming team of curators, hosts, and a photographer definitely set the bar even higher for Conception.

    The event featured three bands from completely different backgrounds; an award-winning rap group, Ko-Lition; an energetic alternative band, Earthquake Lights; and a synth-pop trio, bunny X.

    There were several sales, as has been the case with all past Conception events. The artist line up was impeccable, proving that Conception’s vigorous submission process is for real with the result being a very high quality show.

    Earthquake Lights
    Artist, John Kolbek
    Artist, Stephanie Deshpande

    photos by Rob Ordonez





    Press release and photographs courtesy of the gallery and the artists. If you would like to submit your photo story or article, please email INFO@ARTEFUSE.COM.

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