Because We Are Living in a Material World

Scott Zieher photographed by Max Noy
Ryan Russo photographed by Max Noy
Keep your ear to the ground at Charles Bank Gallery
Halsey Burgund photographed by Max Noy

In art, execution is very direct when an artist uses oils and acrylic to paint, utilizes a camera for a photo image, and chisels marble or granite to form a sculpture.  What if the materials on hand were mixed and used unconventionally? Showcasing this idiom of creation was the summer group show at Charles Bank Gallery located in the Bowery last July 12, 2012. Arte Fuse attended with anticipation of what fresh ideas these five artists will serve up.

Inglorious Materials is a group show featuring works in assemblage, collage on paper/canvas, digital media image, and an interactive recording/sound installation. The works in the show delve into the various disciplines of making a cohesive oeuvre that considers each component into a substantiated whole. The five artists crafting from their mixed bag of materials were: Halsey Burgund, Casandra C. Jones, Dan Mort, Ryan Russo, and Scott Zieher.

Casandra C. Jones photographed by Max Noy
Nels and Yuka, Archival Ink Jet Print by Casandra C. Jones
Untitled, Collage on Paper by Scott Zieher

Halsey Burgund’s listening and recording station in his own words is “his version of headphones” which involves participants to enter the wood-slatted booth then contribute to the process. Questions are answered and the resulting playback is unique as the person providing the material. Casandra C. Jones presented a wallpaper installation recalling craftsman style design but upon closer inspection of the charming pink pattern that it is made up of flamingo images arranged ingeniously. The same can be said of the bold digital pictures comprised of hot air balloon stock images from websites, which gives her a vast amount of material to cull then reconfigure in a whole different way. Dan Mort constructed assemblage with whimsical elements and witty placements that it transcends beyond found objects just fused together but presents a solid singular sculpture. The calculated skill comes into play as the mound of objects are well balanced to be stable on a tripod base of wire. Ryan Russo presented collage on canvas with images of architectural details, structural features, hand torn magazine pages and pictures related to OWS (Occupy Wall Street) that not only makes a thoughtful statement but also skillfully manages to create a visual punch. Scott Zieher uses vintage magazine images of various genre, fashion and consumer products for his collage work on paper. The effect is surrealistic but fun to behold as each constructed entity in the frame comes to vivid life as unique characters.

Double Chin, 2012 by Dan Mort

Each artist celebrated their work with abandon, reverence, and flair to make a delectable mix of materials into a unified piece of art. That is indeed glorious!

The 99 Percent, Collage on Canvas by Ryan Russo

inglorious Materials / On View: July 12 – August 20, 2012

Gallery Hours: Wednesday – Sunday (12 noon – 7 pm) or by appointment

Charles Bank Gallery. 196 Bowery (at Spring Street). NYC, NY 10012

article by: Oscar A. Laluyan

event photos & portraits of the artists by: Max Noy




Press release and photographs courtesy of the gallery and the artists. If you would like to submit your photo story or article, please email INFO@ARTEFUSE.COM.

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