The Way Art is Sized at DODGE

The National Gridlock, 1 (2012) by Michael Zelehoski
The Watcher (Neighborhood), 2012 by Ted Gahl
Cassie Raihl, artist

On a balmy summer day, Arte Fuse made the trek off the corner from the New Museum to Dodge Gallery on Rivington Street. The spacious gallery with the lower level space and back courtyard presented dual shows last June 28, 2012.
Size Matters had five artists in the front gallery presenting works that ranges from miniscule to large in scale. The artists included in this show are: Rebecca Chamberlain, Ted Gahl, Cassie Raihl, Matt Rich, and Michael Zelehoski. Typically, it is a challenge for artists to seamlessly transition their work in such variable sizes. Each of them contributed a small piece and a large one for this show. It is quite apparent that this quintuplet set of artists retained the unique feature and process without deviating from their signature styles as you observe the work in contrasting sizes. Comprising of paintings, multi-media works, and sculpture that each artist remained faithful to the essence of their oeuvre. From the very small works that are chock full of interesting details to the massive impact of the larger works, which denote presence, it is a group show illustrating that a strong artistic core manages the size shifts effortlessly.

Jane Fox Hipple, artist
Patsy, 2012 by Jane Fox Hipple

 The Way of Things at the subterranean level of the gallery hosted new works from Jane Fox Hipple. If the front space was about scale then Hipple for her solo exhibition demonstrated subtlety at its most graceful yet esoteric manner. The color hues were much softer and at first glance, it recalled the abstract painting or color field styles of Ellsworth Kelly and a more lighter Mark Rothko. The washed layers of paint evoke a wistful and airy quality but it subverts convention as Hipple incorporates everyday objects into her work such as Q-Tips, duct tape, bed sheet, etc. These objects become integral parts of the piece or the literal surface itself. One is compelled to do a double take and the act of looking figures prominently in this series. There is a delicate treatment with the wistful layers but it jolts you into an unexpected turn with the inclusion of quotidian objects.

Staying for the Art at Dodge Gallery
Michael Zelehoski, artist
Ted Gahl, artist

 Both shows are about visual impacts when viewing art. You can be either captured by the majesty or tiny intricacies of scale but also be surprised at the unexpected touches. Sizing up art is entirely personal and certainly individualistic for the way that it is.
Size Matters / The Way of Things
On View: June 28 — August 10, 2012Summer Hours: Tuesday to Saturday (11 am – 6 pm)
DODGE gallery. 15 Rivington Street (Between Bowery & Chrystie)
New York, NY 10002
article by: Oscar A. Laluyan


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The press release and the photographs are courtesy of the gallery and the artists.

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