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Project Title: “Island Girls: The Female Figurative” 

Project Overview: 720 Creation Station, an Artist studio based in Hoboken NJ is selecting art to be exhibited for a month long exhibition in the 58 Coles Gallery of Jersey City, NJ. The qualification is that the art must be based on the female figure. Styles can include painting, photography, sculpture and various other medium. There are 10 spaces in total. Opening of the exhibition is scheduled for October 13th as part of the 2012 Jersey City Artist Studio Tour. The show will conclude November 9th, 2012. All submissions will be reviewed by the host curator. 

Submission Deadline: To be considered, all submissions must be accepted via email to,  no later than 5pm EST, August 10th, 2012. All approved artists will be notified no later than August 17th, 2012.  

Project Background: “Island Girls” looks to continue in the gallery’s tradition of displaying examples of artistic excellence. 58 Coles has come to represent a bookend of the arts in Jersey City, and this show represents a significant re-emergence on the cultural scene.  

Location: The Gallery space is located at 58 Coles St, Jersey City, NJ. 

Timeline: Art is to be dropped off the week preceding the opening. All art is to be picked up in the week concluding the show.

●     The opening of the exhibition is scheduled for October 13th as part of the 2012 Jersey City Artist Studio Tour.

●     The show will conclude November 9th, 2012. 

Criteria: All types of art will be considered including sculpture, painting, photography and/or wood cut. All approved artists will be asked to pay $20 (goes to Promotion and Catering). 

Applications: The selection will be based on the following criteria

●     Artistic Quality

○     Excellence in capturing female figurative quality, demonstrating a level of detail for close examination.

○     Creativity.

●     Value: The quality and scope of the work in relation to sales price. 

Please include the following with your email interest to be part of the show.

  1. Letter of interest (within the body of email). The letter should address how your work is connected to the theme of the project.
  2. Four digital images of work to be considered. Each artist will have one selected piece for the exhibition.
  3. A current artist’s resume- Include all shows in past decade.
  4. Description of techniques and materials.


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  1. Fyi this is a reincarnation of what use to be the 58 gallery the logo and image have been used without the permission of the legal trademark owner. Please note that 58 gallery has moved locations and whatever transpires at 58 Coles st. Has nothing to do with the previous trmanand official 58 gallery.

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