Galerie Steph – Singapore: Urban Eurasian

From left to right: Chris Levine, Equanimous, 2008, Wang Guangyi, Pepsi, 2006, Chis Levine, Lightness of Being, 2008

Galerie Steph is pleased to present “Urban Eurasian – A Collection of Prints and Paintings from Ipoh to New York”, a showcase of carefully selected art from Philip Hemnell’s private collection as well as his new original works. Born in Malaysia to an English father and Chinese mother, Hemnell studied and works in finance, has produced and written several independent films, but remains devoted to collecting and creating art. For his second show at Galerie Steph, Hemnell’s private collection will feature works of art from established South-East Asian artists and international contemporary artists. His original work was inspired by 1950’s comic books, featuring unconventional cover subjects, and shadow puppetry. “Urban Eurasian” will run from 6 July – 31 August 2012.

Hemnell’s private collection is reflective of his own unique heritage and experiences. Compromising works by internationally acclaimed contemporary artists from the United States (Chris Levine, Faile) to Japan (Mikio Watanabe, Aiko Nakagawa), and prominent South-East Asian artists, such as Yong Mung Seng, Tan Choon Ghee, Natee Utarit and Yee I-Lann, the eclectic collection provides the necessary and invigorating elements of surprise and contrast that pique the viewer’s curiosity. The mélange of origins also underscores Hemnell’s multitudinous inspirations from his extensive travels, having lived for 13 years in New York, and in Singapore since 2004.

Art collecting is a personal and therapeutic process for the artist. The first major segment of his collecting involved works that reminded him of home. Preponderantly from Malaysia, these works depict scenes of hawker food, markets, buildings and other nostalgic places. The second chapter of acquisitions includes works that Hemnell found interesting: street art, photography, prints and contemporary art. The showcase of his private collection is Hemnell’s attempt to share some of his most cherished works and memories with a wider audience. By showing his private collection alongside his new original works, it is also an opportunity to show how his own collecting has influenced his artistic development over the years.

Urban Eurasian : A Collection of Prints and Paintings from Ipoh to New York

by Philip Hemnell

Opening Reception: Friday, 6 July 2012, 7 – 9 pm

Exhibition on view till: 1st September, 2012

Galerie Steph

39 Keppel Road, Tanjong Pagar Distrikpark, #01-05, Singapore 089065

Gallery Schedule: Tuesday to Saturday, 12 – 7 PM


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