In Living Color by Evan Levine

Evan Levine (Artist) at opening / Photo by Max Noy
Hawk and Windmill Prismatically Entangled, 2012 by Evan Levine

 In the classic fantasy movie The Wizard of Oz, the moment Dorothy opens the door of her tornado blown shack from her black and white world back in Kansas – COLOR abounds then her adventure begins with the yellow brick road! The same exuberance is expressed by Evan Levine with his selected color rich abstract paintings for his solo show “After the Fact: Paintings for Coco” at the Proposition. Arte Fuse landed at the opening reception last June 9, 2012 and everything looked better  live and in Technicolor.
The show featured some smaller scale canvases executed between 2011 and 2012. These started off as studies, which he then took a picture of and enlarged it in order to plot each component on a bigger canvas then paint it to a more clear detailed 80 X 80 inch squares. Careful paint layering, hand drawn shapes, lines, blurred colors and various tonal combinations made this a vivid tapestry quite enticing to dive into. A folk art vibe emanates upon initial glance but the more you concentrate on the details that you find yourself drawn into a fantastical landscape.

Guests at The Proposition / Photo by Max

 Making his mark with markings of divided lines, dots and shapes that often repeat or make a pattern, it is not merely a hodge-podge of painted elements. Levine exercises judicious placement and detail concentration to not only magnify but rather to clarify the entire composed image. The colors complement and buttress each value into one harmonious modernistic tapestry that seems to be an aerial view of a color bombed metropolis. However, the entire premise of the work is to emphasize the application as entirely hand made. At times the child-like aspect and cartoonish spirit of the works makes you feel whimsical but on the whole that it is a very layered study of form as envisioned by the crackling synapses of Levine’s inherent linguistic style. In a significant way, the colors do come to life in his paintings.

Evan Levine Installs the new Painting / Photo by Max Noy
He Turned Purple Under White Ire, 2012 by Evan Levine

 If you throw into the Cuisinart one third of Mondrian, one third of Basquiat and one third of Matisse then blend it with a quick pulse – you’ll have the aesthetic language of Evan Levine. It is a world so fascinating and ripe with adventure just like Dorothy opening her dreary world and let the fun begin over the rainbow.
Evan Levine – After the Fact: Paintings for Coco
On View: June 6 – July 15, 2012
Gallery Schedule: Wednesday – Sunday (12 – 6 PM)
The Proposition. 2 Extra Place (@ East 1st Street off Bowery)
 New York, NY 10003
article by: Oscar A. Laluyan



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