Triple Treat at FEATURE INC.

Untitled, 2012 by Alan WienerThree Diamonds, 2012 by Todd Chilton
Bill Komoski, artist
Three Diamonds, 2012 by Todd Chilton

 Everything comes in threes. The Three Musketeers, the Holy Trinity, and even blockbuster movies comes in a trilogy. Last May 31, 2012 that a trio of artists were shown by FEATURE INC. on Allen Street. It was a packed reception but fortunately each artist had strong pieces to keep art aficionados engaged.
Bill Komoski graced the gallery front space with a pair of his abstract paintings. The web-like background foiled itself as the geographic yet aerial nexus resembling colorful pulsing veins. Embedded on top are circular details that resemble a masked entity that calmly exists in the chaotic and vibrant background. There is a strong primal bent and nature to the paintings as the colors surely add dynamism to his hidden figurative in the confines of abstract work. “Upfront” is indeed appropriate for this set of works that doesn’t shy away from the vibrancy and strength of its content.
Todd Chilton presented his “Steady” stream of pattern paintings on the walls of the inner gallery. For more than seven years, Chilton has been creating the intense colored geometric abstract paintings. There is an Op-Art aesthetic that is also clever and engaging for the viewer. The hand drawn patterns are rooted in its true representation as interlocking shapes that have a rhythmic narrative. Shapes and lines ebb or flow to keep the eye seamlessly finding the push-pull dynamics of the work. These are images that leave a pleasant after burn visually.
Alan Wiener had his work on pedestals for the small-scaled, multilevel “Sculptures” that began as a liquid and ended up solid. The works itself is small in scale but imagining it in a bigger version that it’s suited to grace a park or the lobby of a building. Yet in its smaller scale that one appreciates the structure itself then gets lost in the vertebrae network of the pieces. The sculptures are imbued with qualities resembling the infrastructures of human biology. Stare into the skeletal chambers and you’d imagine a sense of the formidable but the diminished size pieces placed onto pedestals also make it vulnerable.
These three artists presented artworks that boldly challenge perception and depth of understanding. It’s the premise of art to always cajole you into a different point of view but this is done aesthetically with honest intentions.
“Upfront” Bill Komoski/ “Steady” Todd Chilton/ “Sculpture” Alan Wiener
On View: May 30 – June 31, 2012
Gallery Schedule: Wednesday to Sunday (12 – 6 PM)
FEATURE INC. 131 Allen Street. New York, NY 10002
article by: Oscar A. Laluyan

Painting by Bill Komoski
Alan Wiener, artistThree Diamonds, 2012 by Todd Chilton
The crowd at FEATURE INCThree Diamonds, 2012 by Todd Chilton


The press release and the photographs are courtesy of the gallery and the artists.

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