Galerie Laurent Godin: Paris – Delphine Coindet

Podium Medicis Delphine Coindet

Brief History with an Ax
June 7 to July 13, 2012
“The clock is ticking and how much we do not have … So why not go faster with the tools that we have, even if they are not very sophisticated. Note that, whatever the tool precisely, it is the power and precision of gesture that counts above all and whatever the use. Therefore a metaphorical ax to cut the phenomenon in order to collect at least some bursts since it would be sheer presumption to want to seize it in entirety. Rearrange these fragments, debris, or fractions, according to rules devised, and often improbable set always temporarily, conveniently share them with others … Building with these fragments, fire and flames … Retinal and irresistibly cinematic. ” – DC

After one year of residence at the Villa Medici in Rome, Delphine Coindet returns to Galerie Laurent Godin for a third solo exhibition brief history with an ax.
For this exhibition, the artist brings together, in an unconventional way, a body of work resulting from interdisciplinary projects generated in this work context and on the occasion of the exhibition Extended Scope, conducted with the help of the Master ” Arts and Crafts Exhibition “from the Université de Rennes II from January to April 2012. The set designed for this new exhibition includes sculptures, drawings and photos revolving around a centerpiece: the Podium Medici. Conducted on the occasion of the exhibition Teatro delle Esposizioni at the Villa Medici, this sculpture is as a mobile stage, polychrome, composed of eight distinct parts, infinitely reconfigurable and offering the possibility of staging in situations still unpublished, artistic practices (music, dance, theater) … or strictly intellectual.

The Podium is thus a potential structure, nice to see for herself, and especially likely to produce an endless constellation of objects and events, interstitial friction and occasional trips.
Galerie Laurent Godin
5, rue Saint-Lazare in the attic
75003 Paris – France
T: +33 (0) 1 42 71 10 66



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