• Crawford & Huffman: Double Express-O

    N Illustrations by Cameron Crawford

     How do I express thee? The question is not really Shakespeare but artists have always expressed themselves in unique ways. Two artists articulated visual ideas with an opening reception for “Double-Jointed” last May 20, 2012. Arte Fuse eagerly perused the body of work at Scaramouche Gallery on Orchard Street and tried to find our axis to swivel between the material and immaterial. The show curated by Megha Ralapati featured recent works by a duo of artists: Cameron Crawford and Jibade-Khalil Huffman. Both artists were present to discuss the flexibility and double-jointed aspect of their oeuvre.
    Cameron Crawford is fresh from his recent exhibition at the 2012 Whitney Biennial and for this show, he presents text as visual dialogue in drawing and a dominant wood sculpture. His invisible N’s are subtle representation of classification, embodiment and taxonomy. The glimmer of the silver and wispy imprint of the letters become dynamic breathing marks as a double, underlined or crossed out letter denote as much personality in a person’s changing moods. The wood sculpture is his closet deconstructed with colored wood compound in spots and on the inside, which is the finality to the process of 6 years on some works where its shape is conducive to the interior  conditions of the space. The site-specific work also embodies who Crawford is as the wood can warp and take on a certain patina. Very much like people weathering life and all its experiences that totally shapes them into something different from where they began.
    Jibade-Khalil Huffman has authored two books of poetry, exhibited at MoMA PS1 and for this show, he had – collage, digital altered images, video installation, and a three-projector slide show infused with vibrant texts. Huffman had a Karaoke flavored TV screen installation and the wry APPLESAUCE on a signal box where Applause should be. The familiar settings get tweaked and you reconsider the content from a poem and scant nature of the words. Likewise, his projector slide show bursts in a band of color then images pop in as well as texts from poetry on the left, middle, and right portions. The collage whether hand cut or digitally done are inundated with images once familiar but skewed as well in its composition. How effective does the language and premium of words become when presented unconventionally? It breathes by being cerebral in its handling.
    Double-jointed is about the lenient platform where each artist explores what’s being said with the materials they use and executed in their own methodology. 
    Cameron Crawford & Jibade-Khalil Huffman: Double-Jointed
    On View: May 20 – July 8, 2012
    Gallery Hours: Wed-Sat (12 – 6 pm), Sun (1 – 5:30 pm) & by appt.
    Scaramouche Gallery. 52 Orchard Street. New York, NY 10002
    article by: Oscar A. Laluyan

    Now That I Can Dance by Jibade-Khalil Huffman
    Cameron Crawford, artist
    Jibade-Khalil Huffman, artist
    Guests at Scaramouche Gallery


    Press release and photographs courtesy of the gallery and the artists. If you would like to submit your photo story or article, please email INFO@ARTEFUSE.COM.

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