• New Opening: Signals by Colin McCallum at Bicha Gallery in London

    BICHA GALLERY © Colin McCallum - Wave, Acrylic on canvas 2011

    Signals, Colin McCallum’s exhibition of new paintings, refer to the subliminal and visual overload of our consumer society. The work is inspired by the collective experience of contemporary living.

    City life is filled with an array of imagery, from airport and train station digital monitors to pixelated television and computer screens at home – supermarket shopping aisles and their myriad of packaging, lighting and random colour combinations.

    This language is part of our daily life, but we seldom notice its impact or are able to appreciate it as more than a communication tool. Colin is fascinated by it and he takes elements from these aspects to create equivalent visual experiences. They are not simply representative but stimulating and intriguing. In one series of paintings, inspiration came from the aspirational idea of the perfect swimming pool. In his interpretation he presents us with a hypnotic grid of ripples or waves of light in a uniform balance, symmetrical to the edges, the symbol of an ideal that never exists.

    The relationship between urban living and all its technology is a recurring theme and influence in his work. These moments are translated into forms and colours, as familiar as a computer screen or as haunting as a night lit office interior.

    Colin McCallum’s paintings vibrate with bold, metallic, luminous paint with strong and contrasting colour palettes. Through his observations of man-made structures and objects he shows us an alternative reality, just below the surface of our experiences.

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    Opening Reception: 6.30 – 8.30 pm 24 May 2012
    Exhibition: 25 May – 17 June 2012

    Granada TV, Cooper’s Lybrand Deloitte and various private collections: Switzerland, New York,
    London, Barcelona, Singapore, and Brussels.

    BICHA GALLERY © Colin McCallum - Index: Red Pink, Acrylic on canvas 2012
    BICHA GALLERY © Colin McCallum - Circuit, Acrylic on canvas 2012
    BICHA GALLERY © Colin McCallum - Interference: Gold Yellow Red, Acrylic on canvas 2012

    1976-9 BA (Hons) Degree, Fine Art (Painting), Camberwell School of Art, London
    1975-6 Art Foundation Course, Camberwell School of Art, London

    London Arts Board Individual Artist’s Award

    Selected Exhibitions
    2011 AAF Singapore, Bicha Gallery
    TIAF 2011 Toronto International Art Fair, Bicha Gallery
    AAF London Battersea, Bicha Gallery
    AAF Bristol, Bicha Gallery
    AAF New York, Bicha Gallery
    Art Chicago, Bicha Gallery
    AAF Brussels, Bicha Gallery
    AAF Milan, Bicha Gallery

    2010 AAF Singapore, Bicha Gallery
    AAF Amsterdam, Bicha Gallery
    AAF London, Bicha Gallery

    2009 Open Studios Freixas Building, L’Hospitalet, Barcelona

    2008 Open Studios Freixas Building, L’Hospitalet, Barcelona

    2007 Open Studios Freixas Building, L’Hospitalet, Barcelona

    2006 Euro Star Cristal Palace Hotel, Barcelona (One-man exhibition)

    2004 Tallers Oberts, organised by FAD, Cuitat Vella Barcelona
    Creart Gallery, Barcelona

    2003 Sala Gracia, Barcelona (One-man exhibition)

    1999-2002 Represented by Si-Art. Art consultancy /internet gallery.
    Leasing of large works to various corporate clients.

    1998 “Vital Art”, London Arthouse, Atlantis Gallery, London
    Art at Institute of Physics, Portland Place, London

    1997 “The Motor Show” touring exhibition (Group show)
    “The Fine Art Experience”, Atrium Gallery, Whiteley’s, London

    1996 Gallery Duncan Terrace, Islington London (Group show)
    “The Motor Show” touring exhibition (Group show)

    1995 Gallery Duncan Terrace, Islington London (Group show)



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