“Just Flying By” Michael Brunswick at Orchard Windows Gallery

Baby Cry
Down to Mallanno
Painting 98

Early morning wake up, pearlescent to holographic, another beautiful day, using Brunstone surfacing, Michael prepares a painting you can truly see into. Purely organic forms give way to infinite precise blasts of color that seems to emanate from far past the surface plane of the canvas.

The achievement of first creating, then developing a use for perplexing material techniques is a great one and rare. When applied, these techniques leave a surface that dances off the eye, yet remains stayed as a truly simple, beautiful work.

With no end in sight, Michael is producing work at a fiery pace. And with new projects in toe and on the horizon, the colorful work Michael shares with us will be something to surely keep an eye out for.

“As a friend of Michael’s, I can only say I have seen astounding intention behind his studio practice. Every time I see Michael at work I feel I understand more about his art. This is an especially great feeling because, too often, I expect something expected out of a visit to the galleries.” -Noah Gould, Fine Artist

Just Flying By is a show that evokes all the positive notions linked with peace and love and presents the practical notions of meaningful art and the choices artists make.

Michael Brunswick holds a BFA degree and an MFA degree from Otis College of Art and Design in Los Angeles.




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