• Artist Roz Jacobs Opens “Paintings & Process” Exhibit at Synchronicity Space Fine Arts

    Synchronicity Space Fine Art is pleased to present Roz Jacobs’ solo exhibition “Paintings and Process,” running from April 25 – June 2, 2012.   New works on canvas, paper and iPad that pulsate with life draw viewers into the inner workings of the painting process.

    Jacobs explores time and memory in her textured painted surfaces of French landscapes, New York cityscapes, New Orleans Musicians and Still Lifes.  Both the canvases and video loops that expose the brushstrokes of her iPad paintings reveal that Jacobs’ process is an organic reconfiguration of abstract and figurative elements.

    “People stand before a painting and see the end result of the process but not the many stages created, destroyed then re-created,” said Jacobs.  “I try to unpack the process…which we usually only see traces of.”

    This insight into her method connects to Jacobs’ paintings as light, movement and texture play key roles in transforming shape in space until the composition is found and re-found, becoming vibrant inviting artworks that are a feast for the senses.

    The power of memory in tactile oil paintings, drawings and technology is an important element in these works.  Jacobs began her foray into memory through her multi-media Jewish art exhibit “The Memory Project” which has been traveling through the USA and overseas and will continue on tour over the next few years.

    In addition, this April her award-winning documentary Finding Kalman will be broadcast on public television and the book she co-authored with her mother, Finding Kalman-A Boy in Six Million will be released this spring.

    A 99-page, color catalogue accompanies the exhibition.

    Images: www.rozjacobs.com

    Gallery hours: Wednesday through Saturday: 1PM to 7PM; Event reception to be held on Wednesday, April 25, 2012, 6-8pm


    Jenn Sauer, Director of Marketing and Public Relations

    Synchronicity Space Fine Art 106 E. 13th St, New York, New York 10011

    (917) 209-9986






    Press release and photographs courtesy of the gallery and the artists. If you would like to submit your photo story or article, please email INFO@ARTEFUSE.COM.

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