Ron Gorchov at Cheim & Read

   James Kalm has the distinct pleasure of bringing viewers this brief tour of recent paintings by one of New York’s most enigmatic artists, Ron Gorchov. Though a member of the New York art world since the early fifties, it was in the late sixties that Gorchov devised his unique painting support, often referred to as a “saddle shape”. The use of this convex surface was a refutation of Clement Greenberg’s dogmatic idea that the picture plane must be flat, and rectangular. Along with his “saddle shape” canvases Gorchov has developed a “stack” format, a series of curved planes overlaying each other, that he paints sophisticated color studies on. This exhibition presents recent examples of Gorchov’s works that display his innovative comingling of painting and sculpture and the mastery of his means. Includes an appreciation by Jonathan Lasker.

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The press release and the photographs are courtesy of the gallery and the artists.

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