Just Draw the Line

Twins, 2011 by Maria Kreyn
The inspiration piece - Destroyer, 2011 by Melanie Vote
Sketch Books on View
The Curators: (l-r) Tun Myaing, Dina Brodsky, & Karl Koett
Maria Kreyn, artist
Drawing Fans unite at the cell

“A LINE is a dot that went for a walk.” – Paul Klee. So goes a popular artistic quote and is the primary element for Drawing 101. When you remember your first coloring book, did you color inside or outside the line? There is also such a thing as crossing the line. Johnny Cash even sang a song about “walk the line”. This word resonates in various ways that it merits attention and this is the show that will surely define its very essence in art.

Last April 5, 2012 Arte Fuse attended the opening reception for “Line” at the cell which is a multifunctional space that is an incubator for featuring all forms of art: visual, performance and literary. This particular show culled drawings from a very talented pool of an eclectic mix of artists based in New York.

The entire idea started when the three curators, namely Dina Brodsky, Karl Koett and Tun Myaing, attended a Melanie Vote show where they gathered in front of one of her drawings. It occurred to them that it’s about time to highlight and feature the fine craft of this technique. Drawing is deemed as a preliminary process before executing a painting, crafting a sculpture or a starter for any art piece. It does not get the high profile of the its glossier sister which is painting.

From pencil, ink, gouache, charcoal and other mediums to execute this purest and most deliberately challenging technique, it is with great respect that you feel the raw unadulterated talent, disciplined restraint, and unabashed creativity behind every drawing on display. It is as layered and complex as the other forms of the visual arts but the intent is stark naked with every line drawn in, erased or rubbed out then drawn over again. You’ll come away more engaged in the realm of drawing as a simple line can amount to a very dynamic complicated world where you are simply captivated by its honesty.

The featured artists of this show are: Jean Pierre Arboleda, Bonnie DeWitt, Dina Brodsky, Matthew Conner, Cara DeAngelis, Nancy Ke Fang, Robert Fundis, John Haverty, Caitlin Hurd, Karl Koett, Maria Kreyn, Michael Meadors, Guno Joe Park, David Pettibone, Nic Rad, Misha Rosnach, Vithya Truong, Melanie Vote, Tyler Vouros, and Daniel Esquivia-Zapata.

Line: A Drawing Show / On View: April 5 – 25, 2012

Gallery visits by appointment only: either contact Dina Brodsky  (617) 513 – 4599 or email at: dinaumass@yahoo.com

the cell. 338 West 23rd Street. (between 8th & 9th Aves.). New York, NY 10011

article by: Oscar A. Laluyan




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