“The End Of The Universe” by Peter V. Milo at Orchard Windows Gallery

[imagebrowser id=105] Peter V. Milo will be displaying part of his his project End Of The Universe, an extended photographic essay about Rockaway Beach and the burgeoning surf scene located there.

Peter was fascinated with narrative ever since he was a small child in his native Brooklyn neighborhood of Gerritsen Beach.  When he was older he studied photography, creative writing, and screenwriting at The New School.

Because of his love of story Peter’s work in photography is mostly documentary in nature.  Peter prefers to focus in on moments and having them speak for themselves.

About End Of The Universe Peter says:  “I started thinking about this project way back in 2005 when I lived on Beach 90th for several months.  Back then I was on my last dime, and living with a relative.

It was in the winter and the entire neighborhood and with lack of activity in the streets, and the boarded up storefronts the whole place felt haunted.  In my diaries I wrote “There is a spirituality here, probably because there is no where else to go but into the ocean.  It’s almost as if this place is the end of the universe.”

Above all though I was interested in the fact there was real surfing here in New York City.  I lived within the five boroughs for most of my life and I never even saw a surfboard in person until I lived in Rockaway.

Five years later in 2010 I started this project when again I found myself with nowhere else to go.  It was a sunny day at the end of the winter.  The waves were up and there were surfers in the water.  I took some shots.  When I got home and went through the day’s work I realized I had something, and I kept going back whenever I could.”

If you’d like more information about this topic, or to schedule an interview with Peter V. Milo, please call Peter V. Milo at 917/805-0019 or email Peter at peter.v.milo@gmail.com





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