• The New DisOrder by Michael Bevilacqua

    [imagebrowser id=102] For anyone familiar with Michael Bevilacqua, his previous works bursts forth in prismatic vibrant color combinations and the dense tableaux of symbolic references contained in them. For his first solo exhibition with Kravets | Wehby there is a departure from what was done previously.
    Arte Fuse walked into the gallery on 21st Street last March 29, 2012 and found the chrome/black scheme for this particular series with this show “Ceremony”. Bevilacqua was present to enthusiastically talk about going to the other end of the spectrum. This unexpected approach came when a friend left a can of chrome spray paint that fueled this entirely new series. Saturating enormous old paintings with spray paint and letting it drip in chrome, he went full force into making the new body of work into a cohesive color story but as with his signature repetition there are elements that kept cropping up.
    DisOrder is the word that is prevalent in most of the spray painted chrome panels. There are obscured patterns, shading of the fragment “dis” by itself or order in a ghostly wisp of fading silver white or a strong Gothic text in black. Incorporating, as customary to Bevilacqua, in each piece are meaningful dates or experiences, connection to the music that he plays in the studio while working (No NPR at all), the letters or words perhaps from a favorite song, and all salient elements come together to what he created as the New DisOrder.
    The chrome and black represents the industrial town in which many of the bands that play a huge role in his creative flow originated from FACTORY records which is a Manchester based independent label that was founded in 1978. In essence, the foundry aesthetic and palette is straightforward and referential which is the nature of Bevilacqua’s work.  The act of painting is in itself the ceremony.
    It takes a confident and balls to the wall risk by moving away from the earlier iconic color saturated works and clear appropriated symbols that were benchmarks to Bevilacqua’s career. As he just nonchalantly related that it was great to try something new with spray paint and give the old paintbrushes a rest. It’s indeed a new disorderly approach that he is personally connected with and having fun as well. Just seeing the twinkle in his eyes as he talked about working on something fresh in his studio is proof enough that the risk paid off.
    Michael Bevilacqua: Ceremony / On View: March 29 – April 28, 2012
    Gallery Schedule: Tuesday – Saturday (11 am – 6 pm)
    Kravets|Wehby – 521 West 21st Street, Ground Floor. New York, New York 10011
    article by: Oscar A. Laluyan



    Press release and photographs courtesy of the gallery and the artists. If you would like to submit your photo story or article, please email INFO@ARTEFUSE.COM.

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    1. Good review of a great exhibit for Michael Bevilacqua. Michael continues to surprise and grow without looking back yet referencing his past to nourish the present. A surprise and treat to see this one.

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