Rammellzee THE EQUATION The Letter Racers at SUZANNE GEISS

James Kalm was one of the young artists and scenesters who hung out at what became the epicenter of the East Village art scene, the Fun Gallery. It was at that gallery during the early 80s that your reporter first saw examples of Rammellzee’s painting and sculpture. Always unique, the works of Rammellzee were at once more eccentric, and intellectually challenging than much of the Graffiti and Street Art that was popular during that era. The “Letter Racers” exhibition gives viewers a chance to witness the oddness and singular vision of one of Graf’s most respected practitioners. This program includes an extended interview with Patti Astor discussing the work of Rammellzee and the East Village revival.

Article by: James Kalm

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The press release and the photographs are courtesy of the gallery and the artists.

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