Clifford Owens Exhibition Extended at PS1 MoMA

At the Armory Show last weekend, one of the galleries we mentioned was OnStellarRays, which is another LES choice destination for real ground breaking art. Clifford Owens was the artist represented in their booth. With his first solo exhibition in a major New York museum, the new project Anthology which includes photography, video and live performances will be extended till May 7, 2012 at PS1 MoMA in Long Island City.

Owens solicited from a multi-generational group of African-American artists, who composed new works specifically for his project. Rather than pursuing a scholarly research on the subject of African-American performance art being under-recognized, Owens culled a variety of performances from twenty-six artists that are both personal and historical in nature. The resulting photographs, videos, and objects will be presented in the exhibition.


Clifford Owens: Anthology

Extended date: May 7, 2012


2225 Jackson Avenue

Long Island City, NY 11101

For additional information about this exhibition, visit: or email at: [email protected]


article by: Oscar A. Laluyan


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The press release and the photographs are courtesy of the gallery and the artists.

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