• Menage-A-Quad: The PSPS 4 Elements Wraps It Up

    [imagebrowser id=83] Paul Seftel Project Space (PSPS) finally reached the finish line with the 4 artists collaborating for 4 weeks to produce 4 masterpieces. 4 Elements was covered by Arte Fuse from the very beginning as it all started out with pencil outlined on the canvas, followed by color cohesion schemes, finer details were added and then the big reveal on March 8, 2012 with a closing party.
    The four artists: Paul Seftel, Fletcher Crossman, Justin Brunelle and Nic Bevilacqua had successfully gone through the rigors of a month working side by side through the entire process. The end result is very layered, deeply substantiated, symbolically adorned, and unique works of art that is a true gem as it’s rare to pull off a great collaboration with four talented entities.
    Paul started the idea knowing that each artist had a distinct visual language and contrasting approach to the craft of painting. The abstractionist, the realist, the free-drawing savant, and the conceptual symbolism auteur – each knew coming in that they had to trust one another and be enthusiastic to see how the varied approaches combine.
    At the closing reception were four pieces polished up for proud display, guests thought that each artist made a separate painting but upon clarifying that the quad actually had to work side by side at times on each – it changed their whole perception. How can it all come together? During the course of the night as each artist tried to explain it in their own way with so much verve and unabashed excitement but it just came down that all their intense labors bore delectable fruit. Seeing the balance of techniques, textures, color palette, contrasting themes, and well thought out composition – the series of post apocalyptic paradise and spirituality rooted in symbolic representation has cohesively formed a collection. The group did not have a predetermined idea or theme and true to their process in the project – it was a deep collaboration and regard for each others input that saw this through the finish line. The difficult part was knowing how to end it and not overwork it anymore. Self-editing and restraint proved harder than most but it was a great exercise in being graceful to bookend everything.
    These four artists have shared an intimate and intense experience by producing this quartet of very well worked and coordinated art pieces. They are bonded by the process that brought their specialized skills together, mashed it into one idea, dialogued effectively to enact upon the material, and gave birth to a whole greater vision. If this is not a true and deep proof of a relationship then they couldn’t have lasted more than 4 days or even 4 minutes. The proof as they say is up there on the wall for all to witness and see with their own eyes.
    PSPS. 548 West 28th Street, 3rd Floor. New York City, NY 10001
    article by: Oscar A. Laluyan



    Press release and photographs courtesy of the gallery and the artists. If you would like to submit your photo story or article, please email INFO@ARTEFUSE.COM.

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