• The Luster of Metal & A Little Monster

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    Lyons Wier Gallery hosted an opening reception last March 1, 2012 that is unique in the Chelsea gallery row. There was a reception for Chris Cosnowski with his solo exhibition “American Metal” and at the same time a featured solo installation from artist Greg Haberny with “Prelude to Mommy’s Little Monster”.

    First, let’s deal with heavy metal. Chris Cosnowski with his paintings of the golden luster of trophies makes a wry commentary of how the symbolic pinnacles of honor reflect who we are as Americans in today’s society. Trophies are long held as objects of validation for victory above all else. Done in a very meticulous rendering of figures that denote different aspects of human life amidst a Pantone vibrant color background, the trophy toppers that Cosnowski rendered takes on a double meaning. Here’s where the old adage “Not all that glitters is gold” solidifies when in fact it is merely spray painted plastic and carries no weight as most trophies are hollow. What a reflection of our present economic turmoil, which resulted from this prevailing culture where want supersedes over actual needs. The figurines gracing the top of the trophies embody several layered definitions such as: the Bodybuilder as objectification of what is mighty and heroic but reflects on our obsession with physical perfection while the Cheerleaders typify the realm of sports coupled with beauty and the absurd hierarchy of such clique. In essence, Cosnowski expounds on the premium of reward should be based on actual ability and substance instead of the artifice of self-made celebrity. By his statement, “American metal (mettle) used to mean something solid.”

    Moving on to the little monster in the back room, Greg Haberny had the chaotic facets of his life explode into a psychotic installation called “Prelude to Mommy’s Little Monster.” The artist brutally staged disorder, anxiety, imperfection, madness, punk rock and other personal aspects that are parts of his life. It is a brave and stark look into a dysfunctional walk-thru diorama replete with hard edged drama that is nothing short of fantastical.

    Chris Cosnowski: American Metal

    On view: March 1 – 31, 2012


    Greg Haberny:  Prelude to Mommy’s Little Monster

    On View: February 2 – March 31, 2012

    Meet the Artist: March 10, 2012 – 12 to 2 PM


    Gallery Hours: Tues – Sat, 11-6pm

    Lyons Wier Gallery

    542 West 24th St., New York, NY 10011

    Nearest subway: C,E @ 23rd St & 8th Ave.

    Article by: Oscar A. Laluyan




    Press release and photographs courtesy of the gallery and the artists. If you would like to submit your photo story or article, please email INFO@ARTEFUSE.COM.

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