• Korean Art Show 2012

    Galleries Association of Korea is planning to hold the 3rd Korean Art Show in New York in March, with sponsorship from the Korean Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism. New York’s top art fairs will be held during the period of the Korean Art Show. They include the Armor y Show, SCOPE, and VOLTA.  The Korean Art Show will feature 14 participating galleries, a special exhibition, and contest exhibition. A wider variety of works will be showcased compared to last year’s art show. Korean culture and art is garnering worldwide attention, evidenced by hilly (the Korean Wave that refers to the spread of Korean culture around the world). In line with this trend, a special exhibition is planned for the Korean Art Show 2012. The special exhibition, titled ‘K-Artists in New York’, will give an introduction to Korean modern artists in New York, which is dubbed the global center of modern art.

    The seven artists who were chosen for the exhibition (Hong Buhm, Hwang Changha, Yoo Haeri, Shin Hyungsub, Ahn Ok Hyun, Yoon Heeseop, Suh Young Suk) have created their unique world of art by identifying with traditional Korean sentiments while adapting to life as an artist in New York, the world center of modern art. A wide array of paintings, images, installation works, and photographic works will be showcased.  A  contest  was  held  among  rising  Korean  artists  in  the  US.  From among 70 or so participants, four artists were chosen – Lee June (installation art), Nam Su Hyun (media art), Byun Juyoun (formative arts), and Park Eun Kwang (photography). The works of these artists will be displayed, through which visitors will be able to get a glimpse of the various forms and genres showcased by modern art in this day and age. The works also embody the very essence of modern art in that the artists have given shape to their inner world instead of being swayed by trends.

    Last year’s Korean Art Show attracted around 10,000 visitors, who all were captivated by the awe-inspiring beauty of Korean art. The first Korean Art Show served to raise awareness of Korean art, while the second art show made the achievement of having visitors’ great interest in Korean art lead to increased sales. The third Korean Art Show will showcase a special exhibition and contest exhibition, in addition to the 14 participating galleries, to display the works of leading established artists in Korea as well as young Korean artists in New York. The Korean Art Show has substantially contributed to raising awareness of the outstanding and unique aspects of Korean art throughout New York.  The art show will continue to introduce more Korean artworks to further enhance the reputation of Korean art.

    Another purpose of the Korean Art Show is to publicize KIAF, which is regarded as a leading art fair of Asia. Just like last year, a KIAF2012 PR Hall will be set up inside the exhibition hall to more effectively make KIAF known to galleries in the Americas, including New York, which have yet to demonstrate active participation in KIAF. These galleries will be actively encouraged to take part in KIAF, thereby expanding the international foundation and awareness of KIAF.

    This year marks the third holding of the Korean Art Show. Korean Art Show2012 will be joined in by established modern artists as well as promising new artists of Korea. It will be one of the most important exhibitions held, enabling visitors from all across the globe to learn about the cultural uniqueness and exquisiteness of Korean art.





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