The Contrast Art Show is back!

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320 Studios is proud to welcome the next installation of The Contrast Art Show. An art exhibition which puts together a variation of artists, artistic movement groups, and several upcoming galleries; in a frivolous attempt to show the rising styles and trends of art in New York City. A multifaceted show of beauty, performance and the creative spirit will split the night once again, in the form of  17 of New York’s Up and coming artists, with a tribute to Antonio Lopez and a preview of never before seen works from Mr. Stavros Private Collection. With special performances and the musical talents of Patrick Porter, new Singer Sensation Aimee Beyers, and Finnish Rock star Muff.

The Contrast Art Show  is an exploration and an example of the underground art world thriving within and all around New York city. Full of undiscovered unrepresented talent and potential, our aim is to express a new generation of artists, and to reinvigorate the spirit and charm of this particular movement. For more information on the show or any of the groups involved please visit our website at or contact me, Jack Applegate, at 201 707 2701, send an e-mail to For more details on the space itself feel free to check out the website

The Contrast Art Show

14th floor, 320W 37th st, Manhattan, NY, 10018
6pm-1am on Thursday February 23rd and 6pm-1am on Friday February 24th



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