• Featured Artist Burton Rein

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     My imagery springs from a deep sense of wonder, which is most strongly triggered whenever I encounter examples of great science or awe-inspiring art.  I am fascinated by the action of powerful forces such as volcanic eruptions and whirling tornadoes, by the mysteries of gravitation and magnetism, and by the repeating patterns that abound in nature.  Extra terrestrially, I am captivated by images of supernovas, solar flares, Saturn’s orbiting rings, and spectacular spiral galaxies.  Within an art historical context, I have drawn from multiple “isms” including aspects of Surrealism, Cubism, Futurism, Abstract Expressionism, Minimalism, and Conceptual Art.

    My current series is derived from multiple perspectives of curved lines, often converging or diverging, from which bold curvilinear patterns are generated.  Different patterns are grouped and juxtaposed into swirling, surging, and at times vertiginous compositions.  Wet-into-wet and directional brush strokes enhance the sense of flow, circulation, and motion within each piece.  Because these basic curvilinear forms occur in such diverse contexts – from the sub-atomic to the cosmic in scale – this series of abstractions encourages a multiplicity of interpretations.

     For more information, please visit www.burtonreinart.com.



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