• UPDATE on PSPS: 4 Elements Version 2.0

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    A week ago Arte Fuse was privileged to get a preview of the beginning for this big collaboration between four artists: Paul Seftel, Nic Bevilacqua, Fletcher Crossman, and Justin Brunelle. The beginning was just outlines and splashes of color that will be washed down or layered upon. Forms were being sketched but nothing specific coming into shape. The return visit last February 16th which is a week later, totally blew AF away as a cohesive set of four massive artworks had started to gel with a definite theme forming.

    Paul shared his penchant for color mixing and the hues he produced got the other three using it with confidence. Justin studiously detailed out some elements and gave it extra dimension. Nic layered on the colors, sharpened outlines, and added more depth to the compositions. Fletcher is the master of portraiture as he worked off from close up cell phone photos of his other collaborators – he dabbed on the paint and PRESTO! there you behold a face. Each artist will lend his profile into one of the pieces. The teal blue and rust red combination turned out to be a strong and high contrast choice for the project. Everyone mutually decided and it all came down to trusting one another. There is no ego but a seamless dialogue between the four of them.

    From stage one and fast forward to this development, it is quite an impressive jump. The artists mingled with passersby and friends who came to see the works still in progress. Wine was served and it was a party-like atmosphere but the artists still dabbled with a paint stroke here or a detailing there. Guests were treated to a live working studio where the artists are creating something evolving in their midst. In the best scenario, everyone present was witness to a birth of something unique and special by the efforts of this quartet.

    A couple more weeks will be left before the four will finish the works and what we have seen thus far will be totally different. Itwill certainly have the possibility of throwing us again off our expectations and come away with so much more. Keep posted till the closing in March. The best part is yet to be created and there’s no doubt it will blow us away.

    Visit the unique 4 Elements experience by watching the work take shape at:

    PSPS – 548 West 28th Street 3rd Floor. New York, NY 10001.

    Space Schedule: Thursday  12 – 8 pm. Friday & Saturday 11 am – 6 pm

    Closing Party: March 8, 2012

    article by: Oscar A. Laluyan





    Press release and photographs courtesy of the gallery and the artists. If you would like to submit your photo story or article, please email INFO@ARTEFUSE.COM.

    1. Salut…
      (L’art est l’oxygène de la vie et de badminton sont la voile et les couleurs … et la peinture es le navire…je souhaite que chaque voyage sur la route artiste significative …)
      Art is the oxygen of life and badminton are the sail and the colors … and painting are)
      the ship … I wish every road trip significant artist …)
      Avec tout le respect que vous et apprécier mon type … et m’a permîtes moi de me présenter Je suis un jeune artiste amateur algérien… moi Acunhien appris à lire des livres et de magazines, de l’art et la pratique quotidienne… Mie développement des talents, après 29 ans d’expérience et de la monnaie d’un grand nombre de galeries d’art … Je travaille et peintures, sculpture et peinture sur soie … Et avec des sables et les décorations et la calligraphie … Je corresponds avec des instituts d’étude… et les associations à participer à des expositions d’art, complété pour participles à des expositions je veux vivre en Europe ou en Amérique pour la stabilité et terminé mes études d’art je suis à la recherche d’une chance de montrer mon talent et technique
      je pouvais vendre une partie de mon travail … parce que l’art n’a pas de paye et je suis en attente de votre réponse J’ai été heureux …
      Meilleures salutations et vœux …

    2. Dear Berrichi Sassi:

      Merci Beaucoup! But that is the extent of my French. Pardon mi vouz.

      Yes it is special when 4 artists are working together to produce something greater and fantastic!

      Tonight, March 8th is the closing and will post another article for the final and finished work.

      Keep posted here on AF!

      Au Revoir’ for now,
      OL – Editor AF

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