• Gleaning the Cube of Donovan Barrow

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    Enter the multi-media and varied technique marbleized world of Donovan Barrow with your mind ready to be entranced by his small-scale works. RARE gallery is pleased to have this artist with his third solo run at the space with a show entitled “Gleaning”. A well-attended opening reception was held last February 9, 2012.

    Barrow has mastered intermixing the “rare” vintage skewed into something refreshingly new. Vintage platters and trays are cut out to reveal portals into other worlds, deftly painted Plexiglass becomes nostalgic scenes, retro countertops are also cut and fashioned into frames that make windows into another dimension. The found objects and re-purposing of materials provide the great body of works that are both retro-reminiscent into the familiar and futuristic at the same time.

    The handiwork is undeniably intricate and balances old with new. The Op art style becomes one of the feature backdrops but the decision to combine junkyard or vintage finds with new twists on painting/casting/hand-cutting are signature Barrow. This makes the viewer rethink of how re-purposed art is presented and nothing obvious is laid out but a sense of play is needed to alter the viewers perception. This is beyond the two-dimensionality of what you have seen thus far. You might as well imagine a cube, cut out the surface and glean into windows of a parallel universe you never dared to explore. But as the not so old cliché goes “Nothing ventured, nothing gleaned.”


    Donovan Barrow: Gleaning

    On view: February 9 – March 8, 2012

    RARE Gallery

    547 West 27th Street, No. 514. New York, NY 10001

    Gallery Hours: Tuesday thru Saturday, 11 am – 6 pm

    Article by: Oscar A. Laluyan




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