• “Organic Lust” by Kenneth Ian at YES Gallery

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    I’m sitting down with Kenneth Ian Husband who is having a solo show at the Yes Gallery Jan 20 2012 – Feb 12 2012. Kenneth is a national artist who has had his works sold and shown throughout much of the USA. His latest paintings depict an emotional look at organic objects. He Paints in a style he calls instant gratification abstract art.
    (Q) What was your inspiration for the show “Organic Lust”?
    (A) Well I find organic things to inspire me, but not from the view we normally see. I look at images of the earth from a distance and see a life force from it. I look at rushing and still water and love how it looks close up. I look at an amoeba under a telescope and find it to show me things I never have seen. I can find in these images the affects of relativity and some how it grabs emotion from me….. I can relate to feeling too close or to far I guess.
    (Q) Why do you paint?
    (A) I paint mostly as a escape. Some people play poker, go shopping or watch TV, I just need a few hours with a canvas.
    (Q) Where did you get you love for painting?
    (A) My love of painting came from a young age. My father use to take me to gallery’s and museums as a child, he is a painter to. I remember the first painting I ever did with a brush, I was six.
    (Q) Do you still have that painting?
    (A) Yes I do. It is a small piece 8”x10”. Its a abstract painting of course (smiles). In some ways I find it better then some I do today.
    (Q) How so?
    (A) well I guess its more true. As a adult we have all these predispositions of how to handle emotions. As children we don’t. If your mad you yell, if your sad you cry. So I think the emotion just flows a little less tainted.
    (Q) where do you paint?
    (A) I have a small studio in my backyard that I share with my best friend and artist. We call it “The Shed”.
    (Q) So you paint with someone else? How does that effect you?
    (A) We’ll sometimes I do.. We share the space so we each get solo and joint time in there. And I think it helps. We don’t paint in similar styles so I think it makes it easier to critique each other… Not that we ever listen (laughs)
    (Q) What is instant gratification abstract art?
    (A) Instant gratification art is a look into the world today. As a society I feel we need everything instantly! We need our news now, we need our life now, we need happiness now, we need to be famous now. It seems as though the way of working hard to succeed has passed. We (as a society) have a, WE need it now type of mentality.
    (Q) How did you come up with instant gratification abstract art?
    (A) Well I didn’t. It came from working with my friend Eddie Rehm. We were talking one night about how modern society acts and the similarity with how we paint. We paint fast, we use it as a release and we want that release now. We want Instant gratification. But to be fair he did come up with the term “Instant Gratification Abstract art”.
    (Q) In your progression as an artist what are you looking to achieve going forward into the future?
    (A) Stay true to myself by painting paintings I deem necessary to my development as an artist. Knowing that if I stay true to myself the sky’s the limit.
    Well thank you very much Kenneth. I look forward to the opining reception (Jan 20 2012 7pm-10pm). I’m sure it will be a success.

    147 India Street
    Brooklyn NY 11222
    Tel.: 917-593-9237
    Fax.: 347-529-4122
    E-mail: yesgalleryyes@gmail.com
    Kenneth Ian
    Organic Lust
    Curated by
    Lesley Doukhowetzky
    Jan 20 2012 – Feb 13 2012
    Opining reception
    Jan 20 2012 7pm to 10pm



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