“I See the Moon” at Milavec Hakimi Gallery

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Milavec and Hakimi Gallery hosted another great opening on Thursday for “I See the Moon” which is a group exhibition featuring artist: Katelyn Alain, Dina Brodsky, Sabrina Marques, Scott Kahn, Christopher Saunders, Ryan Scully and Nicolas Touron.

These seven artists display the ability to create alluring visual manifestations of their imaginations, causing viewers to suspend disbelief and dive into fantastical realms of fantasy. I  See the Moon explores many worlds from post-apocalyptic landscapes to moments pulled from lifelike fairy tales. Once you enter the gallery you are automatically transported into another world. I really liked the piece by Katelyn Alain, Strength of Character and also Sabrina Marques, Parlamento.

The works in this upcoming exhibition construct settings, which intricately intertwine the real and the imagined, resulting in a unique blend of familiarity and mystery. Each painting creates a portal into a new place as well as the artist’s mind. With each artist comes a distinct fictitious vision, illustrated through lush color palettes, atmospheric effects and characters. I See the Moon pushes you to inhabit the mind of the artist while stirring your own creative subconscious. The show runs from Jan 12th – Feb 19th 2011.

Regardless of the world you find yourself standing in front of, you can always see the moon.





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