• Featured artist Taezoo Park


    Artist’s statement

    The theme of my artwork named Digital Being starts from digital technology. In Nicholas Negroponte’s book, Being Digital, he mentions that we need to create artificial intelligence to make a perfect interface for communication between humans and machines. He is an M.I.T. professor, one of the leaders of technology in the world. In 2011, we are living as he described in his book in 1995. According to his book, A.I. will be the next step in the digital technology. Some scientists already made several versions of it such as chess-playing system, Deep Blue and IBM’s question answering system, Watson, which is not going to die and can observe and try to understand our lives continuously. I hope that the inventors can control them well. However, what if there are unknown versions of it, which naturally develop consciousness, living in electronic products? There are very simple digital codes in every electronics such as a speaker, a television, and a computer. Not only are the daily output of the electronic products vast globally, but also they still have the invisible codes like souls of the machine inside of their body, when they are thrown away as useless. What if the codes spontaneously become conscious of self-awareness, when they experience electronic shocks or combine with neighboring codes?

    My art work is dealing with the new generation of the unknown A.I. in electronic garbage, which people easily ignore. I gave each of them an unique characteristic such as shy, self-conscious, stubborn, and needy, combining its inherent ability with Arduino boards and sensors, which can detect human presence. It is represented by its physical behavior. When audiences want to observe the natural A.I. closely, they can experience unexpected and mysterious behaviors of usual electronic products dominated by Digital Being.



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