Limbus by Kaliptus

Limbus from Kaliptus on Vimeo.

Limbus touches upon Purgatory, not in the Judeo-Christian western sense but rather as a sort of a Limbo space where ego death occurs. A pre-womb Bardo of its own.
Through the disintegration of the personal one unites with the transpersonal. Such a phenomenon would be deemed as a Divine Trauma.

This short loop reveals parts of the psyche that are normally hidden from us and everyday life.

Directed & Animated by Kaliptus
Sound by Joseph Giacalone



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  1. It’s rare to come across video loops that are meant for more than just entertainment. With this piece, I believe Kaliptus has allowed his introspective ability to strengthen an emerging and much needed niche in video art; promoting meditation, self-reflection and healing. Thank you, and please keep up the good work!

  2. Well done! Love your work as whole. You go beyond many artist I know. Hopefully people will attain other level´s of consciousness with ur work. Your on my list for visionary artist for the new era… Thanx for making us all part of this…

  3. Fully submersed into a variety of emotion, all while your core understanding is experiencing simultaneous expansion- This is Kaliptus <3

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