• “The Ninth Wave” New works by Paul Seftel Oct 20th – November 20th

    Paul seftel "Cosmic Soup" 40x50
    Paul seftel "Cosmic Soup" 40x50


    This exhibition moves into the pure spatial field, fusing color and form in an abstract expressionist sense.  Leaning towards the cosmological,  textural surfaces are built up on the picture plane, creating a sense of collision with internal rhythms.  Pure reds radiate on blue grey backgrounds similar to big bang explosions.  In contrast, there are paintings that reflect the peaceful flow of pigment itself, as if time is moving away. Other constructs, such as Meta-form, 2010-11, are more dark and contemplative using modulating tonalities to emphasize a subtle undulating textural surface relief in sculptural forms.
    Paul Seftel works with texture and surface depth through an abstract material process. Layers of metal pigments, plasters, minerals, and patina are incorporated. In this process a language evolves that has the qualities of memory, spirit and dream. Inspired by industrial elements and nature, a form and language organically emerges. The form takes many shapes but consistently explores the evolution of mark making, from the microscopic to the macro-cosmic. With a sense of play and meditation, the artist is investigating notions of origin, the alchemy of color and transformation.
    The Ninth Wave reveals how the artist grapples with and interprets the world and that which is beyond. In Celtic tradition, the boundaries of the mortal world are marked by the Ninth Wave. Beyond the Ninth Wave is the Otherworld, where magic happens, where the soul journeys.  The name “Ninth Wave” was chosen to symbolize the voyage of discovery through these and many other mysteries. 
    548 W 28th St,
    F.3 NYC 10001

    Tues- Sat 11.30- 6ish
    917 388 9585



    Press release and photographs courtesy of the gallery and the artists. If you would like to submit your photo story or article, please email INFO@ARTEFUSE.COM.

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