• Opening for round 1 at Lambert Fine Arts

    Opening for round 1 at Lambert Fine Arts

    Opening for round 1 at Lambert Fine Arts

    Opening for round 1 at Lambert Fine Arts
    Allison Berkoy's work
    Allison Berkoy Magic photo by Rachel Esterday
    Allison Berkoy Trophy
    Allison Berkoy Trophy photo by Rachel Esterday
    Allison Berkoy American Dream
    Allison Berkoy American Dream photo by Rachel Esterday
    soup photo by Rachel Esterday

    I stopped by Lambert Fine Arts for the opening of round 1 after hitting the Chelsea openings on Thursday night, and I really enjoyed the show. When you walked up, there was a woman blindfolded that was moving very graciously into different poses. The main room was full of great art and the place was packed. I made my way to the floor below where Allison Berkoy had her show called “Rec Room”. I must admit that this was a very unique and interesting show. The show consisted of dolls set up in a children’s room with the same face being projected on to every single doll. It gave it a haunting and almost freaky feel to the dolls and the room. I really liked a small soup that had a doll inside the bowl and the face projection came from a lamp. If you have a chance, this show is worth checking out.

    Allison Berkoy is a Brooklyn-based video and installation artist. Her spectacles have appeared at Leo Kesting Gallery, The Margulies Warehouse, Fountain Art Fair; and various festivals, music venues, theater stages, art spaces, eateries, garages, a train car, and a salvaged Lightship.

    Lambert Fine Arts Presents:Grand Opening – Round #1October 20th – November 6th, 57 Stanton Street (at Eldridge) NY, NY 10002212-353-2787


    Lambert Fine Arts is pleased to announce its inaugural exhibition on Thursday, October 20th, 2011 from 8-11pm.Featuring the work of over 20 artists in a variety of mediums, Grand Opening – Round #1 serves as a showcase ofthe diversity of our artists and as a glimpse into the programming of our coming year.“We believe that the arts provide one of the most powerful means for communication about our shared humanityand the critical issues of life, so the artist reigns supreme,” says Executive Director Marc Lambert.LFA’s concentration on developing a culturally and socially connected community in the Lower East Side, offers awelcoming alternative to the traditional art gallery model. Our focus on collaboration and multi-media approachesto art production will include all forms of the visual arts, as well as film, music, dance, theater, literature, andperformance art.For the Grand Opening – Round #1 exhibition, the main gallery will feature works by each of the artists currentlypart of LFA’s Urban Arts community: Bob Clyatt, Harris Diamant, Amanda Dickerson, Jonny Fenix , Brandon Friend,Joseph Grazi, Jason Griffin, Gutbox Collective, Terrenceo Hammond, Doug Henders, Liu Guangyun, KarimMarquez, Rachel Meuler, Hitomi Mochizuki, Shalom Neuman, DH Peligro, Jean Petion, Ray Sell, Rob Swainston, KaraTaylor, and Benito Valdie.Round #1 will provide a preview sampling of what is to come during LFA’s annual schedule – pieces by all our artists,as well as the premiere of “Butoh Experience: Stone and Lotus”, a performance piece by prima ballerina PaunikaJones. There will also be a site-specific video installation by Allison Berkoy entitled “Rec Room” in the lower-levellounge gallery that contains miniature and life-sized video sculptures in which figures inhabit scenes of illusion anddelusion in varied states of recreation and re-creation.LFA occupies the unique and quirky landmark Fusion Arts Museum, beautifully reflecting the funky, innovative, andprovocative nature of contemporary Urban Arts. With multi-cultural artists using a multi-media approach, the artistsand performers at Lambert Fine Arts demonstrate a contemporary sophistication in their use of new media, moderntechnology, and complex symbolic imagery to engage viewers in a progressive and compelling social critique.



    Press release and photographs courtesy of the gallery and the artists. If you would like to submit your photo story or article, please email INFO@ARTEFUSE.COM.

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