Yuki Komura at Orchard Windows Gallery from July 25th – July 31st

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Video by Steven Speliotis


Visual art is a manifestation of the whole in a particular, an attempt to frame the chaos. I strive to create images that penetrate through walls of enculturation and artificially constructed otherness. The beautiful is recognized viscerally; feelings need no verbal explanation. I want to strip the cultural, the acquired, the imposed and reveal the essential that remains. Nudity divulges secrets, and a portrait is merely a nude focused on the face. Faces protrude from our collars like plants rising above the ground from their roots. At times they betray sensations of the flesh hidden behind the mask of personal adornment. Conversely, a psychic event may be so intense it crosses into the realm of the physical. This intersection fascinates me as an artist. It is in these moments of utmost intensity that we are united.



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