• Artist Almost certain “Divine Intervention” took place to make “The Carpenter Series” a reality!

    "The Carpenter Series" by Hans Wolf showing at NAAS
    "The Carpenter Series" by Hans Wolf showing at NAAS

    Having limited amount of materials and practically no funds to purchase more paints, artist Hans Wolf miraculously received over $1,500 in oil paints and brushes, in particular flesh tones needed for his new work “The Carpenter Series”, which will be on display at the New American Art Studio (NAAS) this weekend April 15th, 16th, and 17th, 2011.

    The “Carpenter Series” pays tribute to the Easter festivities with a twist, which will take place the week of April 18th through April 24th. Hans Wolf celebrates the beauty of artwork and the master painters of this era that have influenced the artist rather than religion itself. In the artist’s opinion, art is one of the few languages that can cross the boundaries of religion and yet have a sincere mutual respect for the beliefs and opinions of the viewer. 

    There will be an opening reception Friday April 15th from 6 pm to 8 pm. The New American Art Studio (NAAS) is located at 525 West 125th Street Floor 2, New York, New York, 10027 

    The NAAS (New American Art Studio)  

    The New American Art Studio is a platform where artists Noel Donaldson, John C. Kuchera, and Hans Wolf create work that champions the truth and voices the expression of each artist’s style without compromising originality. For more information about the NAAS,

    please visit www.hanswolfart.com or www.thenaas.com, .



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