• Santi Moix “May the Earth Rest Lightly on You” at Paul Kasmin Gallery

    Paul Kasmin Gallery presents May the Earth Rest Lightly on You, an exhibition of new watercolor paintings by Santi Moix. Known for his fantastical abstract oil paintings that use wit and color to tell a story, Moix is now opening his brilliant watercolor diary to narrate his recent travels through his native Barcelona, Morocco, New York and the Ivory Coast.

    “To draw is my way to write,” Moix says of the sketchbooks, which are filled with vivid images of faraway people, places and foods. “Watercolor helps me think. Water knows how to put things together like a good soup.” The imagery is both classic and contemporary, bringing to mind a Mediterranean On the Road or Route 66 as seen through the eyes of Isak Dinesen. Although less abstract and bold than his oil paintings, these watercolors maintain a quiet energy, telling distinct stories that are sometimes sad and sometimes humorous, but always exciting and alive.

    The imagery in May the Earth Rest Lightly on You is a model of cultural diversity, like Moix himself. His oft-told bio bears repeating, as it contextualizes both his passion and his art. Born into a gypsy tribe in Spain, he was adopted by a wealthy couple after his family was killed in a flood. He was raised in Barcelona, but has lived in New York City for the past 20 years.



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