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Gonzalo Andrew Penaranda was born in Queens, New York. Moved to Ft. Lauderdale, Fl. in 1992. Attended Broward Community College as an Art Major there after attending Florida International University. He currently resides in Miami, Fl.

Art was always part of his life. From learning graffiti in New York in the 80’s and collecting comic books to pop, modern and impressionism later in life. He draws from his various trips including Paris, Berlin, London, Barcelona, Osaka, Bangkok, Beijing, Bogota and other cities along with his past in his artistic vision. His works are mostly but not limited to acrylic on canvas. Has worked with glass, wood and photography.

Artist Statement.

My work is an expression of my experiences, highs and lows, and continues to evolve from year to year and series to series. From portraits, children and photographs, the goal is to find their ultimate truth. My believe that the best work comes from striving to break my boundaries and myself in my work is hopefully evident.

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